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We all know running a family is hard. And when both parents are also working (as is true for 70% of families) it's even harder. Parental overwhelm is on the rise, with one in three saying they are burned out.

We believe every parent deserves to feel successful, in control and like they are just generally knocking it out of the parenting park.

Our family PA offers every family the assistance they need to juggle less and relax more. It’s a safety net all parents can use to know that nothing is falling through the gaps. We make it impossible for parents to accidentally double book family and work commitments, and we find clashes and gaps in childcare before they happen and offer solutions. Responding to your family goals, our PA can help you find time in your family schedule for what you want to achieve, whether that’s time together all as a family, a date night or some precious me-time.

What our PA service can do for you

Safety net

Kairo checks your family logistics so you know your plans are going to work. We’ll remember what you’ve got to remember – let Kairo know about stuff that needs sorting and we’ll make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Scheduling ninja

Never unwittingly double book work and home commitments ever again. Kairo flags clashes and gaps and automatically coordinates across all family members so you know everyone has the right information.

On-demand PA

Ask about who is doing what and when, through chat or voice interface. Tell Kairo about new events or changes to existing ones using natural language.

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It’s so helpful having somewhere to dump everything I’m carrying around in my head

Happy Customer KC

I’m feeling more organised already

Happy Customer CC

It’s like magic

Happy Customer MJ

Just please take my money!

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I need this in my life like now!

Happy Customer SJ

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